Identifying and Defending Against Manipulative Behavior

This is my most recently created presentation. In this presentation we learn that most manipulative behavior is unintentional and why people do it. We learn what manipulative behavior is and why is is harmful to both individuals and relationships. We learn how to clarify and defend boundaries kindly and compassionately, and when to shift to asserting boundaries more forcefully, and why.

Interdependence or Codependence

In this presentation we learn where these terms originate and how they relate to the psychological theory of attachment styles. We learn how codependency is related to a lack of understanding of healthy boundaries. And we learn how to begin addressing common boundary issues.

Become a Relationship Communication Rock Star

In this presentation we look at relationship communication skills and how people tend to fall into unproductive patterns in their arguments and disagreements. We learn the Imago exercise that helps people reconnect with their compassion for the other person, and how to work together to find solutions when having a disagreement.