APW 2017

Atlanta Poly Weekend is only a few days away! I will be teaching two classes at the conference and I am very excited!

At 9:15am on Saturday, June 3rd, I’m teaching “Become a Relationship Communication Rock Star.” In this class I’ll explain the basics of an Imago Relationship Therapy communications exercise, some principles of non-violent communication, and how the fight-flight-freeze response can derail our communication.

Sunday, June 4th, at 11am I’ll teach another class on Emotion Regulation skills. This originally came out of the need to be able to self-regulate emotions (to calm oneself down) during relationship communication. But, the skills taught in this class are super important to happy, loving relationships with all kinds of other people, and with oneself.

I’ll provide handouts with references (suggested reading) at both classes. I hope to see you all there!