I've Posted My Presentations on My Website!

Presenting at the Sex Down South conference was an amazing experience for me. The energy was amazing! I really enjoyed myself and I’m already looking forward to next year. Quite a few attendees to my presentations asked if I would be willing to post my presentations on my website, and I decided to do just that. :-)

You can find all three of my presentations under the “Presentations and Speaking Events” button. When you click it, please be patient. For some reason it takes a full 23 seconds to load !

I’m sure I will continue to make improvements. I would like to add audio, eventually. I believe the third presentation, “Become a Relationship Communication Rock Star” needs audio to be understood.

But for now, you can find the 3 presentations I have done at various conferences here: https://www.cultivatingjoy.net/presentations

I thank you ALL for your wonderful positive feedback and for requesting this information. You can also find some of my ideas in my blog posts at https://www.cultivatingjoy.net/blog

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